Flat Feet In Children

Brother and sister holding bare feet close up to the camera.There are many things to look out for as you raise children. Sometimes, keeping an eye on how their feet develop can go overlooked. If you’ve noticed that your child has flat feet, it doesn’t have to stop them in their tracks. Proper treatment and early intervention can help address flat feet in your children. 

What Causes Flat Feet?

Many children have flat feet due to undeveloped arches, and most have flexible flat feet, characterized by stretchy ligaments, which generally resolve by age 5. 

When ligaments in the feet are soft, it allows for great flexibility and makes them flat in some situations.

In most cases, flat feet are painless but can present significant problems for others. Flat feet can be uncomfortable for other children and affect walking. 

Symptoms of Flat Feet In Children

Many cases of flat feet in children are painless and don’t require treatment. However, it can affect some children’s quality of life. 

Some symptoms of flat feet in children include:

  • Pain while wearing shoes
  • An awkward walking gait
  • Tenderness in the feet
  • Pain during physical activity

Diagnosing Flat Feet In Children

While most cases of flat feet in children are pain-free, if your child is experiencing pain, they may need a trip to the doctor. 

 For severe foot pain, your pediatrician can recommend an x-ray, MRI, or CT scan to identify the cause of the issue.

From here, your child’s pediatrician can help determine a plan of action to correct the issue. Depending on your child’s symptoms, your doctor may recommend foot inserts, physical therapy, or stretching exercises for additional support.

Although surgery can sometimes help address flat feet, it is generally a last resort if non-surgical treatments have failed.

Surgery may also be needed to help address other problems related to flat feet, such as:

  • Leg Problems
  • A torn Achilles tendon
  • Bone fusions in the foot
  • other conditions.

If you’ve noticed your child has flat feet issues, the Foot and Ankle Clinics of Utah professionals can help. Our experts can help find a treatment that meets your child’s needs and improves their quality of life.

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