Diabetes and Your Feet: Why it Matters

Elderly woman swollen feet putting on shoesDeveloping diabetes can affect all areas of the body, and symptoms can compromise vital functions, including damaging your nerves. Diabetic nerve damage can mask problems with your feet because you’re unaware of their existence. Over time, a loss of sensitivity in your feet can have devastating consequences. But, keeping an eye on your feet can help you avoid complications from diabetes.

Part of your care regimen for diabetes involves taking care of your feet.

If you’ve noticed changes in your feet, getting checked out is crucial to having healthy feet. Here are some signs of nerve damage to look for and how you can take care of your feet.

How Can Diabetes Affect the Feet?

Feeling pain is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. 

When diabetes damages the nerves in your feet, they cannot relay the message to tell you something isn’t right. Nerve damage from diabetes can make it impossible to feel pain from an ulcer, cut, or blister. As a result, you can miss the signs of issues with your feet and not get them treated. Loss of feeling can be dangerous, as a cut, ulcer, or blister can unknowingly become infected. When untreated, it can cause the need for amputation to keep the infection from spreading.

What Can I Do to Protect My Feet?

Regularly checking your feet is critical in addressing problems before they get out of control. Examining your feet for cuts, blisters, corns, or changes to the skin can help you avoid foot complications, even if you feel fine. Check your feet every day and have them examined if you notice any changes. Also, wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Footwear that fits well can help blood circulate and ensure your feet get the oxygen they need, and always wear socks with your shoes. Pay attention to the pain tolerance in your feet as well. If you’ve noticed a loss of feeling in your feet, it could mean that you have nerve damage and requires immediate evaluation. 

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